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Скриншот работы программы APRS Messenger

APRS Messenger - program provides a simple way to send and receive APRS messages from an APRS TNC Digi Tracker on VHF and by APRS over PSK, QPSK and GMSK modes on HF.

Автор программы: Chris Moulding, G4HYG

Основные возможности

  • Serial terminal program to setup APRS TNC Digi Tracker
  • APRS over PSK, QPSK and GMSK modes for high performance HF APRS using the PC soundcard/
  • Receive only Igate for VHF APRS
  • Two way messaging smart Igate for HF APRS over PSK, QPSK and GMSK
  • APRS over PSK, QPSK and GMSK has packet error checking and frequency hopping receiver AFC/
  • GPS beaconing over APRS over PSK, QPSK and GMSK for HF mobile use
  • Now with twenty four simultaneous receivers for PSK, QPSK and GMSK modes
  • Now has PSK, QPSK, GMSK and APRS-IS only transmit options
  • Simple to use for APRS messaging to the latest APRS specification
  • Emergency messaging format for special event and emergency use
  • Packet converse mode for multi-operator net messaging
  • All messages saved to separate transmit and receive log files on the computer hard drive for later evaluation
  • Can send messages with non-English characters depending on Windows language settings
  • TCP/IP output on port 8063 to connect to RadioMobile or APRSIS32 for map display
  • Igate HF/VHF transmit function can be remotely controlled by an APRS message
  • Tested on all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows 7

История версий

  • v.3.14 (1.3 MB) -