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WB4APR - позывной Bob Bruninga

О персоне

  • Robert E Bruninga
  • 115 Old Farm Ct
  • Glen Burnie, MD 21060
  • USA
  • E-mail: wb4apr att amsat.org

Вехи биографии

  • 1960s - Playing with radio, xtal sets, Tubed CB sets and converted car radios
  • 1963 - Novice: WN4APR with ARC-5 Command sets on 40/80 m
  • 1973 - Playing with VHF FM in Japan and building radios
  • 1975 - Wrote first RTTY BBS, later added phone, then RF ASCII
  • 1978 - Worked with AMRAD group developing AX.25 in USA
  • 1982 - wrote first data map program plotting navy ship positions on APPLE2 in Japan.
  • 1983 - wrote VIC-20 VHF/HF BBS and Gateway and defined 200 Hz shift due to development of mods to dozens of surplus VADCG bell 103 modems with cross-county links to W0RPK, W9TD, and K7PYK on 10.149 MHz. Remained on the air 5 years through 1989 under the FCC STA for automatic packet HF operations. Developed larger system on the Commodore C-64 for BBS's used around the world through the 90's.
  • 1984 - Developed CETS (Connectionless Emergency Traffic System) on Vic-20 and C-64 for digital packet comms in support of 100 mile cross country endurence run for AMRAD.
  • 1986 - or so, used CETS for amateur packet radio support of the FEMA National Disaster Medical System exercises in DC area.
  • 1988 - or so, ported CETS over to the new IBM AT PC and began to add maps and position plotting of stations.
  • 1990 - or so. Began hand making maps of the USA for CETWS use.
  • 1992 - Changed name of CETS to APRS and presented paper at DCC in Teaneck NJ where I first met Sproul Brothers who later wrote Mac and WinAPRS.
  • 1994 - Developed MIM Module with N3MIM and Mic-E protocol. Proposed WIDEn-N digipeating
  • 1996 - or so worked with TAPR to produce Mic-Encoder and Paccomm to indroduce callsign-substitution RELAY, WIDE, TRACE digipeating
  • 1998 - Worked with Kantronics to introduced WIDEn-N digipeating and Kenwood to introduce the TH-D7 APRS walkie Talkie
  • 2000 - Kenwood introduced the TM-D700 APRS mobile radio
  • 2001 - Introduced APRS touch-tone, APRS reporting of IRLP and Echolink. Developed PCSAT-1.
  • 2004 - Began the New-N Paradigm to rid APRS of all old legacy digipeating algorithms and focuse on user education for one standard
  • 2005 - Began initiative to include operating Frequency in all packets.
  • 2006 - Developed PCSAT-2 to fly on outside of ISS
  • 2007 - Developed ANDE, RAFT and MARScom amateur satellites for deployment by Space Shuttle
  • 2008 - Yaesu introduced the VX-8R APRS walkie-Talkie.
  • 2008 - Introduced the Universal Ham Radio Text Messaging Initiative to tie together the two-dozen or more existing amateur radio text messaging capabilities.