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Ham Dashboard -

О программе

  • Now allows map link or tracking link to be sent via Tweet or Facebook status update.
  • Now allows searching for "echolink" or "irlp" within Ham Dashboard to find repeaters that are accessible over the 'Net *
  • Now available for sale worldwide to help the visiting radio ham find repeaters whilst in the UK and maybe use the APRS functionality to let friends and family back home follow your travels *

Ham Dashboard is designed to be useful to Radio Amateurs whilst on the move or away from home. It shows a searchable list of nearby repeaters in the UK and Ireland, along with details of input and output frequencies, a map, and a handy bearing arrow for each repeater. It also includes a basic APRS tracker that allows your position to be sent to the APRS-IS network. For a more capable APRS tracker that can send position updates while the app is running in the background please take a look at my Ham Tracker app.

If you maintain a list of repeaters for your repeater group, national radio society, or other organisation then please feel free to ask me to include your repeater list data.

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История версий

  • v.1.9 (1.2 MB) - 12 октября 2011
  • v.1.9.1 (1.2 MB) - 30 марта 2012