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Лого iAPRS


  • iAPRS allows ham radio operators to find each other worldwide via the APRS and their iPhone via the internet.
  • Nearby APRS equipped hams will display on a zoomable map with callsign overlays.
  • Send your current location via the iPhone GPS and location services to the APRS network and view the APRS equipped amateur radio operators in your vicinity.
  • Non ham operators can view the local APRS hams but not post their positions to the APRS network.
  • Posted iAPRS positions can be viewable on the http://OpenAPRS.net, http://aprs.fi, and http://Findu.com websites and on other iAPRS equipped devices. (Please note that not all APRS websites or viewers support every valid APRS data format.)
  • A free account at openAPRS.net is required for use. An amateur radio operators license is highly desireable (and required to post your position).
  • iAPRS will function on an iPod Touch but unless the wifi node is 'well known' the iPod latitude and longitude will have to be manually entered.

История версий

  • v.1.0 - февраль 2010
  • v.1.1 - 16 февраля 2012 (0,8 MB) - Updated APRS map display to accommodate new data encoding that was causing crashes in some configurations.
  • v.2.0 - 29 января 2014 (5,4 MB)