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Лого программы iLocator

iLocator -

О программе

iLocator is a great tool to find information about the current location, the location of a specific address, of a specific IARU locator, a callsign prefix or based on APRS data.

These are the main functions of iLocator:

  • Information about coordinates and the IARU locator with an accuracy of 10-digits
  • Search for an individual Address
  • Search for a 2- to 10-digit IARU locator
  • Search for any individual callsign prefix
  • Search for APRS data of a specific callsign
  • Any position can be stored as bookmark for later reference
  • NEW NCDXF/IARU Bacon with map

The result will be displayed either graphically on a map or in text format and contains the following information, depending on the search type:

  • Coordinates and IARU locator
  • Country as well as capital city and continent of the country
  • ITU-Zone, CQ-Zone
  • Time-Zone
  • Distance to the current location and home location
  • IARU locators will be shown as squares on map
  • APRS locations and paths will also be displayed on map

Locator is not only useful for HAM radio amateurs but for everybody who is interested to find out the country and location of an individual callsign or the distance to that location.

APRS data will also often be used for ships and from time to time, also the international space station ISS will submit APRS location information so the location and path of ships, HAM radio amateurs or even the ISS can be displayed on the iPhone with Locator

История версий

  • v.3.05.02 (3.0 MB) - 05 марта 2011