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javAPRSSrvr - популярное кросс-платформенное серверное ПО для APRS сервера, написанное с использованием языка Java и запускаемое в среде JVM.

Автор ПО: Pete Loveall AE5PL

О программе

It will run on any platform that supports Java. It includes a variety of server functions: digipeating, igate, email, filtering, etc. .

javAPRSSrvr is not open source but it is available for free on request.

Recent releases of javAPRSSrvr support the NSR No Source Routing digipeating algorithm.

I believe that most if not all of the first and second tier APRS-IS internet servers are running some form of javAPRSSrvr.

Хронология версий

  • v.3.15b08