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LiveHAM -


  • Christopher Zenzel © Copyright 2011 teamWeather and Christopher David Zenzel

О программе

LiveHAM allows you to view the live APRS-IS stream for your local area (within 110 miles) of all the current incoming packets of HAM Radio stations who are either reporting weather information or current position reports. This application is a simple application that allows you to specify anywhere in the United States to view a certain location and/or use your current GPS to view APRS-IS traffic around the world.

APRS-IS is a system built for amateur radio that allows for Automatic Position Reporting System reports to be pushed via their Internet System. This application uses the APRS-IS Tier 2 servers to make sure you get the latest information to your iOS device.

This application currently does not allow reporting position reports back to APRS-IS including position reports and/or messaging so everyone is welcome to use it, amateur radio or non-amateur radio licensed people who want to see positioning reports of fellow friends or family.

  • Notice LiveHAM uses streaming data to your device. Please check your data plan with your provider. LiveHAM can be used on cellular or WiFi connections and requires access to port 14580 on APRS Servers (outgoing). The stream can be large depending on the location. The streaming can effect both your data plan usage and battery life on your device. The stream is a plain text (ASCII/UTF-8) stream. *

История версий

  • v.1.0 (3.2 MB) - 12 ноября 2011