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RTrak-HAB - High Altitude APRS Tracker Payload

The RTrak-HAB is a breakthrough in all-incorporated high altitude balloon tracking and telemetry payloads!


  • Built on the OpenTracker 1+ APRS tracker platform
  • On-board Trimble Compernicus GPS - Tracks ABOVE 60,000 feet!
  • SRB MX146LV frequency agile 2M/VHF transmitter - 144-148MHz @ 350mW RF output power
  • On-board temperature sensor with trimming resistor pads
  • Five ADC channels for analog sensor readings
  • Four general output control channels
  • LDO voltage regulators for longer flight times on battery
  • Reports supply voltage and all ADC values via APRS packet
  • Automatic dual frequency operation during flight
  • Transmits APRS packets at standard 1200 baud AFSK format
  • Simple LED indicators lets you know condition/status of payload - can be disabled for power conservation
  • Dimensions: (L X W) 80mm X 53mm or 3 1/8" X 2 1/16"
  • Weight: 35g or 1.2oz
  • Current Draw: 70mA (Idle) and 280mA (In Transmit)
  • Power Supply: 9-15VDC


  • RTrak-HAB APRS Tracker
  • Embeddable GPS patch antenna
  • Serial programming cable


  • 235.00$