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RTrak-Lite - APRS Tracker

The RTrak-Lite is the answer to those who asked for an RTrak with more power and a receiver. With this version, the radio is not internal. Instead, you interface it to the radio of your choice. Giving you the option to have as much transmit power as needed and also adds receive capability for channel activity detection. The RTrak-Lite is the perfect integrated solution for those who do not want to be limited to low power, but still want a modem/GPS integrated tracker


  • Built on the popular OpenTracker 1+ APRS tracker platform
  • Transmits APRS packets at standard 1200 baud AFSK format
  • Internal MN5010HS GPS module
  • Interface to any VHF/UHF radio of your choice
  • Sturdy aluminum housing
  • Front panel status LED indicators
  • Power Supply: 9-15VDC
  • RJ45 style radio interface