Yaesu FTM-400

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Трансивер впервые был проанонсирован на радиолюбительской выставке в Токио 25-26 августа 2012 года.


  • The Yaesu FTM-400DR dual band mobile transceiver operates on 2 meters and 70 centimeters.
  • Power is selectable at 50, 20 or 5 watts on either band. Enjoy very wideband receive from 108-470 and 800-999 MHz (less cellular).
  • Four scan modes are supported: VFO, Memory, Programmable Memory or Selected Memory.
  • 500 Memories per band are available.
  • Each memory can store: frequency, mode, tag, repeater information, tone, DCS, antenna squelch information, memory skip information and transmission output.
  • The screen background may be set to any of 5 colors (green, blue, orange, purple or gray).
  • The FTM-400DR can capture images and video by connecting a USB camera (not supplied) and transmit and receive them.
  • There is a port for a microSD card.
  • We will post additional information on this awesome radio as soon as it is available.


  • TX: 2 м / 70 см
  • RX: 108 - 999 MHz
  • FM, C4FM, FDMA
  • APRS 1200/9600 bps
  • GPS
  • Micro SD


  • FTM-400D - 20 вт
  • FTM-400DH - 50 вт
  • FTM-400DR