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YagTracker - is a full-featured mobile APRS terminal and tracker


  • 128x64 Graphical LCD Display
  • ARM Cortex-M3 Processor
  • Built in 1200 baud modem (codec powered)
  • Requires external GPS (4800 baud, serial)
  • Supports $GPWPL waypoint output string (map stations on GPS)
  • Holds a station list of last 50 heard stations in EEPROM
  • Main screen can recall back to the last 6 heard stations
  • Station list sorting by last heard or distance
  • GPS Display shows which sats are heard and signal strength
  • Tracking feature to track back to a station/waypoint
  • Digipeat histogram shows digipeat "health" of your own station and others
  • Map plot screen plots all in station list
  • Map plot has "show callsign" feature to see who is who
  • Map plot can be oriented "North Up" or auto-rotate in direction of travel
  • Full messaging with on-board keyboard-like layout
  • Messaging "chat" screen for quick replies
  • Stores up to 10 canned messages (can be edited by user)
  • Built-in graphical scope helps tune incoming audio for packet modem
  • Firmware is not open source, but will be free for upgrading
  • Firmware loads through simple terminal XMODEM protocol

Комплект поставки

  • YagTracker APRS Tracker/Terminal
  • Matching DB9 Connector/Hood
  • Manual on CD-ROM


  • 195.00$